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Raising Modern Day Knights

The Heart Behind RMDK

Fatherhood, a noble calling.

The Raising a Modern-Day Knight course is for dads wanting help in the process. The course consists of six sessions that will give you clear vision and practical how to's to dramatically unleash the father power you have with your son.

Every son wants his dad to show the life, to God, to authentic masculinity. And every son wants to connect with his dad's heart, hear his praise, and build lifelong memories. "The glory of sons is their fathers." (Proverbs 17:6)

Every man wants to succeed with his son. Deep down, we all dream of releasing into the world a son whose life is highly competent, whose character is rock solid, and whose aspirations are noble. In short, we long for a son who will make us and others proud! The process behind launching a son like that can be as mysterious as it is intimidating. But no process is more important or personally fulfilling.

A wise son makes his father glad. (Proverbs 10:1)

All that and more can be found in this Raising a Modern-Day Knight Video Series. It has been created for one purpose: to help you as a dad win with your son!  Please contact the Church Office on 016 3496954.


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