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Growing Godly Kids

1 x "Growing Kids Gods Way" manual and Homework book per couple
Craig and Renette Wilson
Church Office - 016 349 6954
Life Ministries School will arrange for a Babysitter to look after the children in the classroom next to the Prayer Room

This course is based on the "Growing Kids God's Way" material and has been adapted to condense the original eighteen week course into a more manageable six weeks. It is aimed at young couples who are planning to start a family, or who have young children, and who want to lay a Godly foundation in the raising of their children.


The emphasis of this course is parenting- training up our children in the way God intended us to when He blessed us with the responsibility to raise up our children. G.G.K. will show you the practical side of Biblical truth in bringing up your children, to be witnesses and a reflection of our Lord Jesus Christ in a world that needs Him. As parents we are to guide, nurture, and discipline our children so that they walk faithfully in the ways of our Lord.

G.G.K. is a very intense and full course, with vast amounts of information in each of the sessions over the six weeks. Our prayer in Jesus Christ is that the Holy Spirit will guide you as a parent ; that He will bring to remembrance and take from the Throne Room of God and teach you in every aspect in raising Godly kid's! Also that He will unite and bond families in love and honour for each other, and that this love will be how the world will see and know that we are children of the Most High God.

Renette and I invite you to join us for the next six weeks and trust that the Holy Spirit will teach, guide, and instruct you as parents in the most important endeavour of your lives:


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